How a Real Estate Agent Works

A real estate agent’s duties are a lot like those of any other professional — they

spend time at the office and go on appointments with clients. However, most agents

are also juggling marketing efforts and networking to grow their business. They may

also have to perform administrative tasks, such as filing paperwork. In addition to all

of this, they also need to be able to negotiate on behalf of their clients, and in some

cases, manage specific legal actions that happen during a sale.


In order to help their clients navigate the often confusing home buying or selling

process, real estate agents must be able to communicate effectively with both their

buyers and sellers throughout the entire closing period. This can involve

communicating via phone, email, text messages and more. Real estate agents also

need to keep up with market trends and the latest in local inventory. This means

attending regular meetings with their broker or other professionals within the



Those interested in becoming real estate agents can prepare for this career by

taking courses that lead to the proper licensing credentials. Once licensed, real

estate agents work for a brokerage in exchange for name recognition, mentorship

and other professional and administrative support.

When working with a buyer, a real estate agent can help find properties that meet

the client’s criteria and price range. They can also assist with home inspections and

appraisals. They are responsible for making sure their clients are preapproved for a

mortgage, which helps the homebuying process move along smoothly and

efficiently. They also act as a go-between between their clients and the

homeowner’s agent during the negotiation process. For more info


If they’re working with a seller, their responsibilities can include helping to stage the

property for an optimal impression. This can include removing clutter, repairing

small items and even staging a room for a better picture. They can also help with

determining an appropriate listing price that will increase the chances of a quick

sale. They can also help with the closing process by ensuring all documents are

accurate and that all requirements have been met before the deed is transferred.

While real estate agents have many duties, their job is one of the most rewarding in

the world. They help people buy and sell their homes, which is a huge life event for

most people. They can also make a good living, and it’s possible to earn a six-figure

income if they work hard. Unlike salary-based jobs, real estate agents typically make

commissions on their sales, which can vary greatly depending on the market and

how many sales they make. For this reason, it’s important for real estate agents to

network and build their business to maximize their potential. This is why many

agents choose to become part of large national brokerages. By doing so, they can

connect with a wide variety of clients and offer the best service possible. The more

they sell, the bigger their paychecks will be!